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As a result, he and Sanjana do not get along well. Cast Murali Sharma Ravinder Malhotra Kavita Kaushik Rohan Joshi Shaleen Bhanushali Nandini Joshi Neena Gupta Shrikant Verma Sudesh Berry Music The music is composed by Ankit Bhushan and the lyrics are penned by Manoj Yadav. References Category:2011 films Category:2010s Hindi-language films Category:Indian filmsAll right, I'll be making a comic about the King and Queen's adaption of the Dragon Ball Z movie later today or this weekend. For the time being, I'll be making a little series of comics about the Dragon Ball series and about the different arcs of Dragon Ball. This should be a three-part series. Part one is a comic about the Dragon Ball Z series, and part two is the King and Queen's adaptation of the Dragon Ball Z movie. Part three will be made after a while, as I feel like. If I get too busy with something, I'll probably put this off until later. I guess a bit about the reason why I'd be doing a comic about this... I got hooked up with an amazing and good-hearted Chinese person who was in Japan last year. She seemed to have an insane amount of fun and had an accent that was so hard to understand that I couldn't get a word out of her. She loves a lot of anime, which at first looked scary, as I'm a bit of a loner and prefer anime for myself. We started hanging out and playing Go on Google Hangouts (which is a very interesting game). We got to know each other and hang out for weeks. I had no idea she was so much into Japanese culture, especially in Anime and J-Pop. We'd always watch anime together and would sometimes go to anime conventions together. This was a bit scary as I couldn't understand a single word she said and she would see me running to the bathroom as I was dying laughing at whatever stupid thing she said at that moment. I couldn't understand what made me so funny or so stupid. Well, we ended up hanging out so much that she got a flight back home, so we were separated for a few weeks. When I saw her again, she was a bit distant. She told me she had fallen in love




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